• Transcather-Cardiac-Therapeutics-Overview

Transcatheter Cardiac Therapeutics

October 9th, 2015|

Transcatheter cardiac interventions are a fast evolving field. The past decade has seen the development of transcatheter aortic valve replacement, transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement, septal defect closure devices and left atrial appendage closure devices for thromboprophylaxis.
  • Treatment-Left-Main-Disease-Featured-Image

Treatment of Left Main Disease

October 9th, 2015|

Left main stem disease is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Coronary artery bypass surgery has been the definitive treatment choice. However, advancements in percutaneous coronary intervention (such as drug-eluting stents and techniques, risk stratification, and intravascular ultrasound) have increased the viability of this treatment option.
  • Coronary-Artery-Markup-Featured-Image

Coronary Artery Diagramming

October 8th, 2015|

Coronary arteries can be difficult to visualize, especially when there are multiple lesions, interventions, and grafting. Diagramming the anatomy allows you to track lesions, stenting, grafts, size size/variation of native arteries. It is a useful technique for your own understanding and facilitating communication.
  • Perctrach-Cricothyrotomy-Kit-Featured-Image

Pertrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

September 29th, 2015|

Pertrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit uses an innovative finding splitting needle to enter the cricothyroid membrane, and allows the dilator to be inserted without requiring a Seldinger wire.
  • Control-Cric-System-Featured-Image

Control-Cric System

September 29th, 2015|

The Control-Cric System has been developed by Dr Richard Levitan to allow for increased success and speed of performing an emergent cricothyrotomy. It includes a specially designed scalpel (Control-Knife) and custom tracheostomy tube (Control-Key).
  • Spontaneous-Coronary-Artery-Dissection-Featured-Image

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

September 12th, 2015|

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is a non-traumatic and non-iatrogenic separation of the coronary artery wall that is now recognised as an important cause of myocardial infarction, especially in younger women or those without traditional cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Nasotracheal-Intubation-Featured-Image

Learning and Mastering Nasotracheal Intubations

September 9th, 2015|

Nasotracheal intubations are useful technique in a number of situations including distorted airway anatomy and awake intubations. Patient preparation and anesthesia are key. Understand how to use the endoscopes and the procedural steps for a successful and safe nasotracheal intubation.
  • Case200-Featured-Image

Chest Pressure POD#8 s/p AVR

August 27th, 2015|

Symptomatic bradycardia and high degree AV block puts patients at high-risk for decompensation. While ischemia is a concern with all new conduction abnormalities. However it is a common development in patients with recent aortic valve replacement and often requires permanent pacemaker.

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