Post-Catheterization Hemoglobin Drop

Hemorrhage is a feared and potentially life-threatening complication following catheterization. This may reflect retroperitoneal hemorrhage, pericardial bleeding including cardiac tamponade, gastrointestinal, intracranial, or hemolysis. However, there can also be benign or procedural causes.

APRV Lung Demonstration

Demonstration of mechanical ventilation using APRV to understand how the lungs behave.

vv-ECMO Gas Exchange

Gas exchange in vv-ECMO is effected by four critical factors. There needs to be adequate effective ECMO blood flow compared to cardiac output and minimal recirculation. Oxygenation can then be set with the blender and carbon dioxide removal is determined by the sweep gas flow rate.

Perc Trach difficulty caused by deformed Shiley edge

During a percutaneous tracheostomy procedure, the edge of the Shiley tracheostomy tube can catch on the tracheal rings deforming the shape and making it difficult to cannulate into the trachea. This can occur even if the bevels of the Shiley and trocar are aligned perfectly.

Fiberoptic Awake Oral Intubation

Fiberoptic oral intubation with flexible fiberoptic scope is useful technique for intubating a patient in respiratory distress which it is desirable to maintain spontaneously breathing during the intubation. Tutorial and procedure steps for performing fiberoptic awake oral intubation including equipment, preparation, and medications.

ECMO Support Cart and Supplies

List of critical supplies that need to be immediately available for every patient on ECMO for emergencies and routine maintenance.

Perc Trach Step-by-Step Tutorial

For patients that require prolonged mechanical ventilation, a tracheostomy can be placed either in the operating room as an open surgery, or more preferably at the bedside with a minimally invasive procedure in the intensive care unit by a percutaneous dilational technique under bronchoscopic guidance. This is a step-by-step tutorial for patient selection and procedure techniques.

Perc Trach Procedure Documentation

Part of performing a bedside percutaneous tracheostomy is the procedural documentation. Given that this is a surgical procedure, the documentation should be more thorough than you may be accustomed to doing for an arterial line or central line. Here is a sample procedure note that can be adapted to your local practice.

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