Tracheostomy tubes are simple devices which provide a conduit for air movement through an ostomy in the anterior neck into the trachea. They can be placed by either an open surgical technique or bedside with a minimally invasive percutaneous technique (perc trach). Unfortunately, there is an abundance of types, sizes, and complex numbering that is difficult to decipher for those who don’t work with them everyday.

The tube size is in the inner diameter measured in millimeters.

Types of Tracheostomy Tubes

  • Shiley
  • Pauci Muir
  • Bivona
  • Jackson

Proximal vs distal extended length

  • Proximal extended length refers to distance between flange and bend.
  • Distal extended length refers to distance after bend to tip of tube.

Shiley vs Bivona

  • Shiley is plastic compared to silicon (more rubbery) Bivona.
  • Flanges are different between Shiley and Bivona.
  • Shiley you can usually just push back in if they come out. Bivona you have to get the obdurator to put it back in.
  • Bivona come out easier.

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