There are critical supplies that must be immediately for every ECMO patient, both for routine maintenance and in case of emergencies. We keep these supplies in a dedicated cart outside the patient’s room. The supplies are checked and restocked once per shift. The cart is portable and very convenient. We have a dedicated cart for each patient and they are prepared and stored ahead of time, ready for a new patient to arrive.

ECMO Support Cart

The contents have changed over the years, but this is the current configuration and how the drawers are organized.

Top Blood gas analyzer ECMO Blood Gas Analyzer
Drawer 1 Saline Flushes
ABL Paper
3cc syringes
ECMO Support Cart Drawer 1
Drawer 2 Betadine swab
Micropore tape
4×4 Dressing
Sterile gloves
ECMO Support Cart Drawer 2
Drawer 3 Salpel
Sterile scissors
Ty straps & gun
Biohazard bag
9V battery