Why #FOAMed needs its own Art?

#FOAMed is about communicating ideas and improving the care of every patient we touch. Supporting visuals is critical for good graphic design, professional appearance, and most importantly your readers understanding. However, access to high quality medical graphics can be a problem. Most #FOAMed contributors don’t think of themselves as artistic. Medical graphics found on the internet are bound by copyrights which limit their use for your own project. Commercial art can be purchased but is very expensive. Stock photos and art is too generic and is also very expensive. Lastly, it is often difficult to find the specific image you need for vision.

For #FOAM to succeed, our community needs often to produce our own graphics, art, photography, and video.

Resus Review is here to help

Resus Review is a big supporter of the #FOAMed community. To do our part, we have committed to help new contributors with free custom graphics and art for their projects. That is right, free. Our goal is to help you communicate your ideas clearly and effectively, while at the time strengthen the #FOAMed community.

All of the work we provide is licensed under Creative Commons license, allowing not only you to benefit, but other members also.

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